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Each week the Yellow Pages Commando News is devoured by ten thousand subscribers who have an interest in becoming better marketers. You'll also be able to keep up with the exploits of Buford and Festus as they deal with the world's wackiest brainteasers.

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The most important step for Local Google positioning How to quickly boost local Google visibility. July, 2007
The Dali Lama's one and only item Focus on your best customers and forget the rest. May 11, 2007
10 Secrets to Turbocharge Your Yellow Pages Totally Free Online Training Seminar. November 27, 2006
Microsoft Stuns Industry with Virtual Earth 3-D Launch Can't make the Webinar? Get the recording. Truth in Advertising Strikes Again. Nov. 9, 2006
Watch out for this Local Internet Marketing Scam The Real Numbers of Local Search Marketing webinar October 23, 2006
After this, local ads will never be the same A 21-Gun Commando Shout Out article, The Real Numbers of Local Search Marketing seminar October 17, 2006
"You can't be serious!" "For" or "Against" Yellow Pages?, Drink the water . . . join our club September 22, 2006
This Yellow Pages ad blew me away. The secret to stopping price shoppers, Making every (s)mile count September 15, 2006
The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written 100 Greatest Headlines, Yahoo Local Insider, Not for sale, either! July 21, 2006
Would you like a Rolls Royce with that, sir? Would you like a Rolls Royce with that, sir? July 14, 2006
The Secret to Local Online Marketing Internet Marketing and Hot Local Online Marketing Tip July 08, 2006
Geico's 15 Minutes of Fame How one little phrase brings this Insurance giant a ton of leads May 23 , 2006
Why Do Advertisers Hate the Yellow Pages? Tom had cancelled his $127,000 annual Yellow Pages advertising spend. Apparently, Tom cancels every year. April 19, 2006
Yahoo Makes Unsolicited $21.2 Billion Offer for AT&T Yellow Pages Four days after Google announced a reseller relationship with Verizon, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel announced this morning that Yahoo had made an unsolicited $21.2 billion bid to acquire all of AT&Tís Yellow Pages and business. April 1, 2006
The Kiss of Death in Yellow pages Advertising This one mistake will doom your Yellow Pages ads to failure. March 16, 2006
The Return of the Yellow Pages Commando News A quick recap of the YP Commando Hiatus. February 27, 2006
The ONLY Yellow Pages you should advertise in The most common question I am asked is "Which Yellow Pages directory should I advertise in?"

To end all controversy, here is the answer..
August 16, 2005
The Report of the World's Greatest Yellow Pages Ad Aided by the contributions of nearly one thousand people, the report is now ready for release. July 12, 2005
Insurance Agents and the Yellow Pages An insurance agent is stalking me. What's a boy to do? May 23, 2005
Vote for the World's Best Yellow Pages Ad Select which plumber YOU would call first. You'll have a chance at winning an iPod, plus you'll receive a $500 report absolutely free! April 26, 2005
It's Time for a Yellow Pages Ad Design Contest! Dang, this ad for a plumber really stinks. If you can do better (as selected by a jury of your peers) you could win one of two iPods. March 15, 2005
Social Networking and the Yellow Pages Imagine if you could combine referrals from trusted friends with the comprehensiveness of a Yellow Pages directory. That'd be pretty cool, huh?

Well, it's called "social networking", and several companies are attempting to accomplish it. Most have variations in their approach, but a few of them are putting the emphasis on building strong referral bases.
February 28, 2005
Yellow Pages Advice for Crack Plumbers (and vice versa) I received a call from a plumber in Los Angeles looking for advice on Yellow Pages advertising. In the past, he's taken a loan against his house to pay for Yellow Pages advertising. He knows that there has to be a better way to market his business. February 7, 2005
Successful Yellow Pages Ad Design for Self Storage Facilities Self storage facilities rely on Yellow Pages advertising to keep their occupancy high. There is a science to creating a successful Yellow Pages ad and this article will walk you through the main points. January 27, 2005
Attracting tenants to your self storage facility through Yellow Pages advertising Self storage facilities rely on Yellow Pages advertising to keep their occupancy high. There is a science to creating a successful Yellow Pages ad and this article will walk you through the main points. Oroginally published in the January/February edition of Self-Storage Now! Magazine
Why Pay-Per-Call Advertising Excites Me Pay-Per-Call advertising has everything going for it to revolutionize search marketing online. Here's why I think it's so hot. December 29, 2004
The $100 million Name Game SBC and BellSouth recently paid $100 million for the web address It was the deal of the decade, but for whom? November 16, 2004
Google to Acquire Yellow Pages Publisher for $3.7 Billion Is it possible that the king of search has learned the real secret of local advertising? October 26, 2004
Four Fatal Flaws in Yellow Pages Advertising There are four very common errors that advertisers make when designing their Yellow Pages ads. Understanding these mistakes will make the ads much more powerful and effective. October 15, 2004
A Disgruntled Advertiser - Part 2 A disgruntled advertiser gets an earful from scores of folks in and around the Yellow Pages industry. Part 2. Boy, does he get an earful! September 24, 2004
A Disgruntled Advertiser - Part 1 A disgruntled advertiser gets an earful from scores of folks in and around the Yellow Pages industry. Part 1 September 2, 2004
My Leftist Views A dislocated thumb turned me into a left-winger (and not a very good one at that). August 16, 2004
Open Mike Night I received a letter from a former Yellow Pages advertiser who owned an HVAC business.

He expresses four major complaints about the Yellow Pages industry, and I'm seeking answers from the industry leaders.
August 3, 2004
Strike a Pose Vogue Magazine and the Yellow Pages have quite a bit in common.

I'm not just talking about the "Non-Therapeutic Massage" classification either.
July 23, 2004
The Sky Room My wife was celebrating her "Niftieth" birthday, and she wanted to be treated like a queen. Fernando to the rescue with a personal recommendation.

But what happens when word of mouth advertising isn't generating enough volume? YP to the rescue!
June 22, 2004
It Ain't Easy Being So Macho Macho men (and women) hate asking for directions when there is an easy alternative. Designing Yellow pages ads so that the buyer needn't ask for more information is a guaranteed method of improving your ad's effectiveness. May 24, 2004
Love the One You're With Not being present in the Yellow Pages providing information to your customers drives them to your competitors. "If you can't be with the one you love, Honey, love the one you're with. April 27, 2004
All politics (and plumbing) is local How to give the appearance of being a local service provider in your Yellow Pages ad. Includes tips on Remote Call Forwarding telephone numbers. April 6, 2004
Would you like a Rollys Royce with that, sir? Marketing a difficult product is much more profitable when you build value rather than cut price. Here's a great lesson from Donald Trump. March 30, 2004
Don't Hire a One-Legged Kid How to design your Yellow Pages ad so that it attracts a higher caliber shopper. March 22, 2004
Can You Click Me Now? A review of SuperPages's new Pay-Per-Click model for their Internet Yellow Pages. March 2, 2004
Too much business What to say when someone already has too much business to handle. February 24, 2004
More Debate Over Photos in Ads
I received a ton of advice from YP professionals about photos of advertisers in their ads.
February 17, 2004
Do Photos Belong in YP ads? - Survey Results
Should a professional services firm include the photo of the owner in the ad? I posed this question to industry leaders to see what they had to say about it.
February 9, 2004
The Perfect Headline
Faithful reader Rich D'Alessio of the MPC Boaters Directory offers this helpful tip
February 2, 2004
The Super Bowl and the Yellow Pages
The nature of advertising changes completely when your ads are part of the attraction instead of being part of the distraction. In that way, the Super Bowl and the Yellow Pages share common ground.
February 2, 2004
World's Richest Beauty Pageant
How the Yellow Pages compares to the Miss America Pageant. Not only are the stakes much richer, but the competition is tougher, too.
January 19, 2004
How I Found a New Crack Dealer
Advertising in media such as TV, radio, newspaper and direct mail are great at warming your prospects up. Here's how the Yellow Pages made the sale for one crack dealer.
January 12, 2004
The Richest Cheesecake in Washington
Sometimes, having the best value proposition doesn't do you any good. If the prospect won't see you, it doesn't matter what you've got. You might try this technique that landed a salesman a $100,000 annual contract after the prospect refused to see him twice.
December 22, 2003
Don't Get Arrested in Australia
Did you know that they don't have bail bonds in Australia? I wonder what they do with their criminals. Maybe elect them to public office?
December 15, 2003
How to Make the Phone Ring
An incredible tool that you can ad to almost any Yellow Pages ad to double or triple the number of qualified calls it generates.
December 8, 2003
Bailing Out on the Holiday Party
The sad tale of Lars and Gloria, his decision to drive drunk and her experience finding a bail bondsman.
November 24, 2003
How to Recognize Folks in a Buying Mood
Accurately predicting what triggers people to buy helps you target your message for maximum effectiveness.
November 17, 2003
Analysis of "Real Estate" in the Yellow Pages
My friend is a real estate agent in La Jolla, CA. I've reviewed her strategy of using bus bench advertising to build her business.
November 10, 2003
Search engines Woo Yellow Pages Publishers
Here's my field report from the Digital Directories and Interactive Local Media Conference. You should read what Yahoo!, AOL, LookSmart and Muller Medien have to say.
November 3, 2003
The Perfect Headline?
I received a letter from another publisher who has had success with an unusual headline. Could he be right?
October 27, 2003
One Quick and Easy Change
The easiest way to improve 90% of all Yellow Pages advertisements. Headlines, and how to write them
October 20, 2003
Everybody Knows Me
How to handle the objection "Everybody Knows Me."
October 13, 2003
How to Build the Next Edsel
Why making minor modifications to an underperforming ad won't boost results and could cause a serious traffic accident.
October 6, 2003
Lies, Darn Lies and Stuff I Just Made Up
A CMR (national advertising agency) takes me to task for publishing statistics that he believes to be misleading.
September 29, 2003
The Ugliest Pooch in the Pound
The importance of having an ad that is so eye-catching that it's one of the first 3 ads considered.
September 22, 2003
The Internet Needs a New Roof
Why a roofer (or plumber or electrician) needs to advertise on the Internet in addition to Yellow Pages.
September 15, 2003
The "Teaser" and the "Closer"
How mass media and directional advertising compliment each other. My experiences with AAMCO.
September 8, 2003
How to Select a Directory for Your Ad
A comparison of Yellow Pages directories and Outdoor Advertising
September 1, 2003
Answer to a Higher Calling
Henry Ford's views on building a valuable company.
August 18, 2003
Your Research Results Are In
An In-Depth Look at Sales Behavior.
August 11, 2003
The MaxEffect
A Professional Ad Designer struts his stuff.
August 4, 2003
The Invisible Man (Part II)
A salesman's method for saving his clients from invisibility
July 28, 2003
The Invisible Man
Thousands of businesses suffer from the curse of invisibility. Here's a solution.
July 21, 2003
The Chicken Diva
How to improve your attitude by improving your process.
July 14, 2003
A Bad Ad Gone Good?
Putting a self-proclaimed expert to the test.
July 1, 2003
I was just talking about you
How to use testimonials in your advertising for maximum impact.
June 23, 2003
Marian King's Crackhead Son
What went wrong this morning, and what Marian REALLY wants
June 16, 2003
How to Create Great Ads
A review of "Effective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers".
June 9, 2003
Ride Along Little Doggie
How to fully explain the job requirements BEFORE a sales rep is hired.
June 2, 2003
Shotgun Wedding
The danger of having an ad that's a mile wide and an inch deep.
May 27, 2003
Wimpy Gets Whacked
A Simpler Approach for Overcoming Shyness
Plus . . . Herb Gordon Says Mass
May 19, 2003
Letter from Wimpy
5 Simple Steps for Overcoming Shyness
May 12, 2003
A Disease that's WAY WORSE than SARS
A discussion of how the media is focused on the wrong issue.
May 2, 2003
How to Mine Gold from the Yellow Pages A scientific method for generating superior results from your advertising
April 21, 2003
No Pain - No Change Using the time tested motivation technique of pain. Plus a look at the history of the Band-Aid.
April 15, 2003
How to Run a Profitable Internet Company A real life example of and the strategy that makes it successful
April 8, 2003
Purple Cow A review of Seth Godin's new book and a look at what makes some Celebrity Cows & companies remarkable
April 1, 2003
Tips from our Readers Ideas on recruiting
March 25, 2003
Get a MOVE on Amazing facts about the number of people who move each year, and how to profit from it.
March 18, 2003
Can you READ me now? Good. The appalling state of literacy in America, and how to profit from it.
March 11, 2003
The Secret Handshake A unique method for building stronger relationships by using this simple greeting
March 4, 2003
Beware The Purse Snatcher When consumers are most likely to use the Yellow Pages. Also, a look inside Cindi Hardesty's secret life
Feb. 25, 2003
Happy Birthday to the Yellow Pages The Yellow Pages has an incredible history. Feb. 21, 2003 marks the 125th anniversary of the first edition.

Also, Fun Facts about Connecticut

Feb. 18, 2003
Eenie Meeney Miney Mo "Pick Me!", "You are what you wear", and a look back at the movie, "Trading Places"
Feb. 7, 2003
Ginsu 101 Marketing lessons from the world's most famous infomercial
Jan. 31, 2003
Why Nobody Advertises in the Yellow Pages The REAL difference between Yellow Pages and all other advertising media
Jan. 24, 2003
Kicking Goliath in the Shin How Ohio State won the National Championship against the odds
Jan. 17, 2003
Moby Dork (The Bel Air Legend) Correcting problems early on can save you from a nasty case of whiplash
Jan. 10, 2003

Help Wanted: Dead End Job

Managing employees to see the bigger picture
Dec. 20, 2002

Your Annual Review

Toastmasters, public speaking and personal growth
Dec. 13, 2002

Michelangelo and the Yellow Pages

Helping people find what they really want
Dec. 6, 2002

The Fab Four

Getting past the gatekeeper to the decision maker. Plus the "real" history of the Beatles.
Nov. 22, 2002

Anyone Listening?

Listening Skills
Nov. 8, 2002

Muscle Beach

How cheating affects every aspect of your life
Nov. 1, 2002

The Corn Peelers

Recruiting lessons from the Nebraska Cornhuskers
Oct. 25, 2002

2-Minute Offense

The importance of preparation on a sales call. Plus fun facts about Oklahoma
Oct. 18, 2002

You Rang?

Tips for using the telephone. Plus a history of the telephone.

Going to Hell in a Handbasket

It's the economy, stupid

How to be a Better Kisser

Holding an "Open House" as a recruiting tool

How to be a Doughnut (not a hole)

The not-so-secret success of Krispy Kreme

How to Get Paid Five Bucks for Going to the Bathroom

This isn't what you think

How to Make $40k Drinking Coffee

A highly caffinated way to get paid for drinking coffee

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Overcoming that pesky tattoo

Playing Monopoly with Your Advertising Budget

Focusing on the customers you can help the most

The Coach

Management lessons from the winningest coach in Indiana High School Basketball.

The Frying Pan Objection

The importance of value selling versus "hit and run". The real decision maker isn't always who you think that it is.

The Grand Canyon

Why electricians are the "Top Gun" pilots among contractors. Plus a closer look at the butt crack.

The McDonald's Close

Why asking "If you want fries with that" is important to all of us.

My Toaster is a Spy

How to ask for referrals. Plus, how telemarketers know when you're eating dinner.

The Worst Insurance Salesman I Ever Met

Salesmanship is much more than a slick presentation

Worst Interest Creating Remarks

How to offend anyone in 10 seconds or less

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I've been bragging about Kerry Randall's book on Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers as being simply the best book I've read for Yellow Pages advertisers. The problem was that it was targeted toward lawyers and didn't address other business types.

Wisely, Kerry updated the wonderful tips and marketing plans for any business that advertises in the Yellow Pages.

He sent me a copy for review, and I liked it so much that I bought the exclusive rights to market the electronic version.

His book is loaded with very specific examples and exercises that are easy to follow. I can honestly say that every advertiser (even a guy with a little in-column ad) will benefit by reading this book.

I've seen, and even promoted other very good YP books that sell for $50 - $150, but nothing cuts to the chase like Winning the Yellow Pages War. Kerry focuses on the critical issues that will have the biggest impact. He uses solid examples and shows ads created using his techniques.

I'm selling copies of Winning the Yellow Pages War for only $25.00. That price is far too little for the value the book contains.

However, my mission as the Yellow Pages Commando has always been to help more people be successful with their Yellow Pages advertising rather than to get rich off a few that can afford a higher price.
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