I’d like to welcome you to Yellow Pages Commando, a fresh look at  small business marketing.Dick Larkin

I’m Dick Larkin, the Yellow Pages Commando.  I’ve dedicated my career to helping businesses do two things:

1.  Reach new clients

2.  Deepen the relationship with past clients

It sounds simple because it is simple.

When I’m not in my Commando flack jacket, I’m executive Vice President of American Marketing & Publishing in DeKalb, Illinois, USA.  We publish HomePages Directories in 300 or so smallish towns around the Midwest.

I co-founded and was President of Weblistic, an online advertising agency dedicated to serving small businesses.  We sold the company to a national agency in 2008.

I was VP of Internet at TransWestern Publishing, publisher of WorldPages.com, the print and Internet Yellow Pages company that Yellowbook acquired for $1.6 billion.  That’s the the Yellow Pages Commando newsletter began as a way for me to communicate with 1,800 sales reps who were out in the field working.  Sales reps need humor, so I always made sure to include light, fun information.  It grew organically to over 10,000 subscribers.

I was the VP of Sales and Marketing for GTE Interactive Media, back when the phone company got serious about developing digital content.

I’ve been a CPA (a really bad one), shoe salesman, typesetter, and roofer.  But my love has always been in marketing, advertising, business development and the technologies that make it possible.

If you must know, I graduated from Notre Dame, where I worked my way through school as a student manager.  It wasn’t glamorous, but I learned a heck of a lot more in the bowels of Rockne Stadium than I did in the classroom.

Still can’t get enough?  Here’s my LinkedIn profile and Facebook profile.