The Snowball Effect of Starting a Small Business

by Dick Larkin on November 16, 2010

Starting a business is like rolling a snowball downhill. At first it takes all of your energy just to pack together a few handfuls of snow. Once you’ve made the snowball, you have to push and push and push to build up some weight.

The heavier the snowball becomes, the more snow it picks up. If you can get it moving fast enough down a slope, it will take off on its own gaining speed, size and momentum. It needs both mass and speed to keep rolling.

When a new business opens, it has to expend tremendous effort to pick up the first few customers. Each successive customer comes a little easier than the one before it, but there’s a catch.

Just like rolling a snowball downhill, if a business can’t pick up customers fast enough, it will not gain the momentum necessary to take off.

A Yellow Pages advertising program by itself will not generate all the customers necessary for a business to be successful. However, it contributes by adding additional customers that boost the company’s momentum.

Explaining that a business needs to add customers just as a snowball needs to add snow may help an advertiser visualize how Yellow Pages can help him.

Special thanks to Tom Davis, author of “The TRUTH about Yellow Pages” for this story.

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