Yellow Pages Group Search Solutions

by Dick Larkin on February 22, 2010

This is a well produced video describing the benefits and services offered by YPG, Canada’s largest directory publisher.

While the service isn’t new, given YPG’s strong sales force and customer relationships, it marks a solid movement toward giving advertisers what they want.

Extending beyond the printed directory, and YPG’s own websites such as, advertisers who want a strong presence on Google will be interested.

The challenge comes with accountability and advertiser expectation.

How many leads or sales should an advertiser expect from a $500 monthly investment?  What if they are spending $10,000 per month?

Accountability without a well established frame of reference and customer expectation is a dangerous thing.

This will probably be very successful, but less profitable than the company’s print directories.

That’s because $10,000 spent in print is vastly more profitable than $10,000 spent buying leads online (because traffic has a high cost that does not go down as an advertiser spends more, it actually goes up).

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